Stay Healthy with Wine Markers!

Cold and flu season is still going strong, so I have come up with some advice on how to stay healthy! We all know that one of the best ways to keep germs away is to avoid sharing with others. I don’t mean to say that you can’t share your toys (or beads!), just don’t share food and drink with others! It may seem easy to do, but it’s more difficult when you are having a fun gathering with your friends and family. How many times have you set your glass of wine down at a party, only to play the guessing game later when you forget which glass is yours? I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to play any guessing games when it comes to my health, so I have made a set of wine markers that are used for indentifying each person’s wine glass. This way you can always keep track of your drink and you can avoid getting anyone else’s germs at the same time! Oh, and your wine glass is fortunate enough to be decked out in dazzling jewelry, just like you!

All you need to do to make this beautiful set of wine markers, A Perfect Toast, is put a crystal Baroque pendant onto a jump ring and slide it onto a gold beading hoop with a few crystal bicones! Repeat this with as many color combinations as you’d like and you have a gorgeous and classy set of wine markers! We even have a Wine Markers Technique that you can look at if you need help. For more wine marker sets, check out our Home Decor Inspiration page! These sets are all so easy to make and to personalize as gifts. Even children or non-wine drinkers can use them on mugs of tea or cocoa!

Good luck getting through cold season! – Sara

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