Lindsay’s Favorite Things!

“Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens” – these are nice but not my favorite things. The “raindrops” I like are made of crystal – Swarovski crystal to be exact! I absolutely love the drop shape of the crystal pendants and the small briolette pendants! Though the two shapes are not exactly alike, they work up beautifully together. I have made countless pieces of jewelry with them. I particularly love the fuchsia color. Actually, I love any crystals in fuchsia. Fuchsia is so much richer than rose and it combines beautifully with other jewel tones such as olivine, amethyst and indicolite. Yum! I can imagine a new piece of jewelry right now!

My go-to design that I love to make and wear? Cluster earrings! Check out some of the pieces on the Inspiration page. Fluttering Leaves uses multiple colors of greens in a subtle color fade (I love color fades!). Golden Noir uses my favorite drop crystal shape in 4 different sizes. I think I have made these in several color combinations for all of my friends. Get Me To The Church On Time uses four different sizes of crystal pearls in a delicious cascading cluster. I’ve made these in several colors as well. Try substituting the pearls for round, fuchsia crystals – gorgeous! Blowin’ in the Wind is such a sweet, simple cluster earring. Since we used the leaf chain we didn’t’ have to use that many beads. And of course, there is my favorite crystal pendant hanging off the bottom. This time in an Air Blue Opal – again, I’ve done these in fuchsia, too. Keep the Secret earrings have been my “everyday” earrings for a while now. I’ve worn them so much, I think my co-workers are getting tired of seeing them. I made them for myself in shades of grey and silver. I used crystal silver shade, crystal, black diamond and greige. I think they go great with everything!

My other obsession is gluing flat back crystals onto anything. I love the tiny points of sparkle and color that they add to anything. I’ve glued them to wood, pearls, Lucite and even other crystals. Check out one of my favorite earrings called Dance All Night. They combine large Lucite filigree pieces with green and pink flat backs. The Lucite is already beautiful on its own but adding just a touch of sparkle takes it that much further.

Flat back crystals are great, but sometimes I need a bigger sparkle. That’s when I go for the Swarovski crystal sew-on stones. These crystals have a flat back with a foil just like flat back crystals but they have two holes, ideal for linking. The size of these crystals showcases the facets and colors of the crystals brilliantly. Since I am an absolute fuchsia lover, I love the Radiance earrings. They combine fuchsia with crystal volcano, an effect that switches between pinks and purples. Silverstroke uses two different sew-on stones linked together with a single crystal hanging off the bottom. The classic clear crystal color allows me to wear this pair of earrings any day that I’m not wearing Keep the Secret. Another variation of Silverstroke is Have a Blast. This great pair of earrings is perfect to wear with your little black dress.

Now, I do have to make jewelry for my friends and family. They don’t all have the same taste in jewelry of course. But I have found that the most popular necklace that they all seem to love is Spontaneous. It utilizes an 18mm large hole crystal rondelle on a simple cable chain. The large hole of the bead allows it to float freely on the chain. And the classic crystal colors available with either sterling silver or gold-filled chain make this necklace an everyday piece that can be dressed up or down. The best part? Since the design isn’t very complicated and there are few beads, the piece comes together quickly.

These are just a few of my favorite things. I love nearly everything that sparkles and I’m always looking to add another piece of jewelry to my collection. What are some of your favorite things?

Sparkle! – Lindsay

4 comments to Lindsay’s Favorite Things!

  • Grace

    Omg I love the flat black crystals! And the swarovski crystal too. Where can I get some of those?

  • Lindsay, I found your work very inspirational! I can’t wait to get more crystals and getting creating new jewels!

  • Kay

    I’m sure we all get to a place where we feel uncreative, our jewelry ideas seem like the same old, same old so it was great to read and look at Lindsay’s ideas. I’ve got some new ideas and I’m ready to go. Thanks for helping me out of my dead end.


    All of these beautiful Swarovski Crystal products are available at!

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