Fire Designs Heats Things Up!

We love the bright and colorful hand blown glass beads created by Fire Designs, a studio based in Washington state. The large holes in their beads allow for a variety of creative uses, as seen in our Blushing Rose Pen, which uses one long Cane Glass Tube Bead! My favorite thing about Fire Designs is that they make the most stunning color mixes that have the perfect combination of sparkle and shine! We used the Cane Glass Bead Mixes to create Midnight Plum, an easy-to-make strung bracelet design.

We were fortunate enough to ask Libbey from Fire Designs some questions about the beads we find so inspiring! Here is what she shared with us: Tell me a little about the process of making the art glass.

Libbey: Cane glass is made in a hot shop using a blow pipe. The glass is gathered, a bubble is blown into it and colors are added and then the mass is pulled approx 45 feet long. It is then annealed, cut and polished. What’s unique about your art glass or cane glass?

Libbey: Fire Designs cane glass is unique in its colors, quality and consistency in design. Consistency is so important in designing and marketing. Quality and color intensity is also very important to us. Are there any new shapes you are working on?

Libbey: We are still working on getting daisies up and running as well as the one inch bead. What is your favorite design idea with the art glass?

Libbey: Just like peanut butter and jelly, Swarovski and cane glass go so well together, especially the bicones. I love using cane in ways that people don’t often think about, with gemstones, wire wrapping, crocheting!

Check out Fire Designs Cane Bead Mixes, Cane Slicer Mixes and Cane Tube Beads at!

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