We Love Stringing Magazine!

Every time a new Stringing Magazine comes through our door here at FusionBeads.com, each of us in the creative room stops whatever we are doing so we can check out all the fun new designs! A couple of weeks ago,when we received the Winter 2010 issue, we had much more to cheer about than just the fact that we got exciting mail. Five of our designers have jewelry featured in the magazine! I decided that I have to personally share the jewelry with all of you because I am so proud of my fellow FusionBeads.com designers! Lindsay and Mollie really blew me away with their glamorous bracelets! Lindsay’s Goin’ All Out packs as much sparkle as possible, and Mollie’s Bellaflor is the perfect dramatic accent to any little black dress!

Allie reveals that you can achieve a perfect bold necklace with the simple technique of crimping in her Daisy Darling necklace!

Sam’s Mesdames Collier necklace is dripping with elegance in beautiful glass round beads, crystal pearls and gold filigree!

I have to give Cody the biggest shout out of all, because she earned herself a whole two page spread! Her Knot Me necklace and Tahitian Holiday necklace are stunning must-have statement pieces!

I am so proud of the ladies on the FusionBeads.com creative team! Check out the Winter 2010 issue of Stringing Magazine to learn the techniques for these six fabulous pieces!

4 comments to We Love Stringing Magazine!

  • Shirley

    Absolutely love the Knot Me necklace! Great job everyone!!!!

  • That is awesome!! You guys definitely deserve it – you all create really gorgeous pieces, over and over. Way to go – congratulations! :)

  • Carol

    CONGRATS to you all on your well-deserved recognition! Fusion Beads’ designers ROCK MY WORLD!! I visit your Inspiration page almost daily to check out your new designs. I’ve made NUMEROUS projects from your Design Inspirations and I get compliments on the pieces all the time. Just this past week, I completed the Desert Tiles bracelet, and I rec’d the materials I needed for the Tahitian Holiday and Flirty Fringe necklaces, along with the Morning Mist earrings. I’m looking forward to working on and completing these projects. Thanks so much for your hard work! I’ve never been an artist, so suffice it to say that designing is not my forte. Thanks to you, all I have to do is follow directions and I can bead happy! :-) Best wishes to each of you for a happy, healthy and continuously creative New Year!

  • Brenda Wergin

    Thank you so much for sharing all of these beautiful pieces! They are so inspirational!

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