Our 2011 Beading Resolutions!

With all the artistic imagination buzzing around the creative room here at FusionBeads.com, I decided to pin down all of our designers and get them to commit to a new years resolution that will help their creative minds flourish even more! I find that it’s so easy to use the same techniques, same beads and same style when making jewelry, and it dawned on me that a beading resolution would not only force us to reflect on our personal approaches to jewelry making, but it also gives us a great platform for artistic change and growth! Here are the official beading resolutions for our designers at FusionBeads.com:

Mari – “My resolution is to start wearing and making earrings again, since my kids are now old enough to not rip them out of my ears!”

Katie – “I want to clean up and organize my bead room so that it’s usable and then I’ll put my projects away when I’m done! I would also like to create a new statement piece, something a bit over the top and out there.”

Lindsay – “I will complete a seed bead project!”

Sam – “I want to learn how to torch enamel!”

Cody – “I am going to make at least one new piece of jewelry for myself every month!”

Mollie – “I want to make more of my components and focal beads that utilize new media, like polymer clay and precious metal clay! I also want to use bead weaving techniques to create beaded components!”

Sara (me!) – “I want to become a master on every FusionBeads.com beading technique!”

Now that we have all decided our beading resolutions, I challenge you to think about that project you haven’t made, that technique you haven’t learned or any other thing that is keeping you from being the best beader you can be! Leave a comment and let us know what your resolution is. Who knows, maybe you can inspire someone else to grow too!

Happy New Year! – Sara

8 comments to Our 2011 Beading Resolutions!

  • I would like to be better at planning ahead in designing something for a friend’s birthday jewelry gift according to their favorite color or birthstone :)

  • tammy

    Finally finished the blueberry agate necklace I started over a year ago.

  • Meara

    I would like to do some beading every week, make time for it out of my busy schedule. I would also like to shop out of my collection instead of going to the store for every new project. Cutting down on money and making time for the things I love, here’s to a great 2011!

  • For the New Year, I am going to work on my wire wraps and try to do some earrings.

  • Laurel Salyer

    I had a stroke and craniotomy (that’s a medical term for brain surgery!) to clip two bleeding anurysms in 2004 that makes learning from media (pictures and written words) difficult now that I am a multi-sensory learner. My resolution is to learn how to use beading techniques such as bead-crochet, the peyote stitch,the herringbone stitch, the St. Petersburg chain, etc., so that I can add more variety to my projects and create more intricate, beautiful jewelry. Classes at a local beading shop are not an option as I now have seizures and can’t drive. So, it’s basically going to be a trial-by-error experiment to learn and master at least one of these stitches before the end of 2011!!!

  • Gigi

    Use colors I normally don’t care for such as orange and yellow. I’ve made a start by purchasing some carnelian and citrine beads.

  • Angela Smith

    I’ve been working on this one for the last couple of years: No more buying beads just because they’re really beautiful & I’ll make something awesome with them someday!!! Been doing pretty well with it. I look for projects that I can make with beads I already have. Now I’m running low on findings lol!!

  • JoAnn

    My New Year’s plan is to learn at least two new beading techniques knotting and soldering.

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