On the 12th Day of Christmas

…I am giving you the glowing Candle Light Earrings! These beautiful earrings only require a few materials, but they have a huge impact. They showcase the gorgeous Cubic Zirconia teardrop pendant and the Covering a Briolette technique perfectly! I have to tell you that when I made these earrings, I couldn’t stop and now I have the same design in four colors! Luckily, I now have the best basic earrings for every single outfit I own! These earrings are so sparkly yet so minimal as well that you can get away with gifting them to any lady on your Christmas list. For those of you who haven’t tried the Covering a Briolette technique, this is the perfect time to learn because it’s so much fun and it opens up a new world of jewelry-making possibilities for you!

Happy Holidays! – Sara

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