On the 5th Day of Christmas

…I am giving you not just one, but three necklaces! The Sugar Plum Fairy Necklace, Clara’s Necklace and Nutcracker Necklace all showcase the many ways you can feature a beautiful pendant on cord. The Sugar Plum Fairy Necklace is made by putting a sterling silver bail onto a Swarovski Elements Baroque pendant using the Attaching a Bail – Style 4 technique.  After this, you simply slide the pendant onto a suede cord and tie a pretty bow!  Clara’s Necklace features an absolutely amazing Swarovski Elements Galactic Vertical pendant which is attached to a leather cord using a jump ring. The cord is finished with cord ends that are attached using the Attaching a Cord End – Style 5 technique.  The Nutcracker Necklace is made with the new Swarovski Elements Wild Heart pendant and waxed cotton cord.  The pendant is attached to the cord using the Larks Head Knot technique and the necklace is finished with an adjustable knot.  All three of these necklaces are perfect templates for any pendant that you want to put onto a necklace. They are fun and easy to make, so you can share these projects with your kids and even let them pick out their favorite pendants! Cord-style necklaces are also great gift ideas for men (though maybe not with a giant crystal pendant)!

Happy Holidays! – Sara

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