We Love Stringing Magazine!

Every time a new Stringing Magazine comes through our door here at FusionBeads.com, each of us in the creative room stops whatever we are doing so we can check out all the fun new designs! A couple of weeks ago,when we received the Winter 2010 issue, we had much more to cheer about than just the […]

Our 2011 Beading Resolutions!

With all the artistic imagination buzzing around the creative room here at FusionBeads.com, I decided to pin down all of our designers and get them to commit to a new years resolution that will help their creative minds flourish even more! I find that it’s so easy to use the same techniques, same beads […]

Bead Challenge: Part 2

It has been a couple weeks since our Bead Challenge: Part 1 blog, and we now have results! Four designers on the FusionBeads.com creative team were given two hours, one color idea and $25 to create a pair of earrings. Everyone thought it would be so easy to make one pair of earrings in […]

The Best Bracelets of 2010!

There is no more fun and subtle way to dress up your outfit than with a unique and stylish bracelet! Although bracelets have often been under-appreciated when compared to earrings and necklaces, they have made a big comeback this year, so we have compiled the best bracelets of 2010 from our Inspiration gallery! When you […]

The Best Necklaces of 2010!

This year was a big one for necklaces. Not just for FusionBeads.com, but for the whole world of fashion! 2010 was a year of  bold and chunky necklaces, bib-style necklaces and mixed media necklaces. We have gathered the best necklaces from our Inspiration gallery, and they are all spot on with these fascinating trends! If you […]

The Best Earrings of 2010!

The votes are in! May we present the Best Earrings of 2010! We have something for everyone, so if you like big and bold, check out Dance All Night, fun Lucite earrings that are sure to make you want to go out and dance. Those of you who prefer a classic look, check out […]