These are a Few of My Favorite Rings!

Every year Oprah has her favorite things list filled with cars, diamond earrings, iPads, and other really expensive things that I can’t afford. Well, if I had my own favorite things list, this would top the list this year.

I LOVE this ring! I have made so many of them in every shape and color combination. I’ve made them on planes, lounging by pools and cuddling on the couch. And let me tell you they are a hit! Surprisingly comfortable to wear, and pretty easy to make, you weave 3mm crystal bicones together using the right angle weave stitch to  create a bezel around a fancy stone.

We got the original idea from Swarovski in a little leporello that they put out earlier this year. What’s a leporello? It’s just a fancy word for a little instruction booklet, but there weren’t any written instructions, so you really had to know what you were doing or be a master at reading Ikea/Lego instructions to be able to make it. If you’ve never done the right angle weave stitch, don’t worry! We’ve made it a bit easier for you by doing a step-by-step Right Angle Weave Ring Technique on it.  So start weaving, but be careful! If you tell people you made it, you’ll be taking orders!

Happy Beading! – Katie

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