Use Glass Domes for Quick and Easy Gifts!

When you are in a rush to get your personalized holiday gifts made, you don’t always have the time to work with ICE Resin or glazes that take a while to dry. I have a secret that can save you lots of time and even lots of money on supplies! carries a line of clear, high quality round and oval glass domes that are made to fit within the collage bracelets and collage rings! All you have to do to create a unique bracelet or ring is cut out an image on paper and glue the pieces together!  I have come up with a few tips to make sure you create the perfect gifts. My favorite thing about the glass domes is that you don’t have to struggle when you’re trying to get your image framed and cut right.  Since the glass is clear and sized to fit inside the collage pieces, you can just put the dome on top of your photograph or decorative paper (I like to use stamps on my paper!) and trace around it with a pencil to get the exact image you want.  After this, just use scissors to cut out the paper you have traced.

The next and final step is to glue everything together! I tested three different glues to find out which one works best with the glass domes.  In the photograph below, you can see the tests that I’ve done. The dome on the left was glued using Glue by Nunn Designs.  This glue is my personal favorite because it’s not too viscous or too runny and the dome has virtually no air bubbles. The dome in the middle was glued with The Ultimate! Glue. The bright white spaces you see near the edges of the dome are air bubbles that were caused by this glue, which I found to be much too thick and goopy for this project. The final dome on the right side was glued with Gem-Tac. This dome came out with the least amount of air bubbles, so I would recommend it right alongside the Glue by Nunn Designs.

Now that you know which glues work best, you’ll need to make sure you use them properly to get the best results.  Paint a thin layer of glue on the flat backside of your glass dome and place the paper onto the dome with the image facing the glass.  Press the glass and the paper together firmly using your thumb and forefinger and rub out any air bubbles. This should take about 30 seconds. After this, apply a thin layer of glue to the backside of the paper and press the dome and paper firmly into one of the collage bracelets or rings! Now you are all set to make quick, easy and inexpensive gifts that can be personalized for each of your friends! Check out Swell Noel, a new winter inspired Inspiration bracelet made with glass domes!

Happy gift-making! – Sara

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