Enamored with Enamel!

FusionBeads.com has just added a new line of enameled disc beads from Sara Lukkonen, owner of C-Koop Beads! I love all things enameled, so I was really excited that we added this new line. They come in multiple sizes and bold, bright hues. These stackable discs work great with her line of enameled flowers. The stackable components lend themselves to riveting, wire wrapping, and bead weaving. I like to stack the disks with the flowers to make fun and colorful pendants.

Sara’s fascination with the enamel in its molten state and the colors achieved keeps her making new styles and trying new colors. The gears, lock links, rings and keys she offers are great for adding some color to your steampunk designs.

Here’s a little bit about the artist behind these great enameled designs:

FusionBeads.com: How did you start making beads?

Sara: Back in the 70’s I saw an article on torch enameling.  Pretty much self taught.

FusionBeads.com: What inspires you?

Sara: All colors……..people that design with my products. I want to make them things that they can create with.

FusionBeads.com: What are you working on now?

Sara: Besides inventory…….new styles of clasps.  Etching copper and combining it with enameled pieces.

FusionBeads.com: When you aren’t creating beads, what do you work on?

Sara: In my spare time (very little) I like to make new pieces of jewelry. I enamel pieces that I won’t sell to the public.  They are just for me.   But not bead related I like to spend time with my family.  3 boys are all grown and off in the world so when I get time I spend it with them and my Grandson Tate.

Check out all of the great beads made by C-Koop at FusionBeads.com!

Happy Beading!-Cody

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