Beads and Babies!

So it was the Fusion Beads Anniversary party back in 2006 or so and I started to make my special necklace for the night. My life had changed a lot over the previous couple of years as I’d had my first baby, a boy! I remember thinking, wow a boy, I hope he likes beads. Sure enough, he does! Suddenly my life wasn’t all about beads, beading and jewelry anymore, now there were cars, trains and balls everywhere. My bead table would be organized one minute, then suddenly there would be a pile of beads made by little hands opening up all of my organized storage and pouring the beads into a pile. My beading time was spent more on reorganizing the piles. I realized that my life was now a mixture of beads and babies, and I strive everyday to mix the two. My Hot Rod Necklace represents my life with my boy and my beads!

– Mari

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  • As Mari knows, this is one of my ALL TIME favorite pieces of jewelry. I love how it encapsulates everyday life with jewelry. Thank you for posting it!

  • OMG – that is such a great project! I was wondering what kind of stuff I could do with the boys when it comes to beading… This actually looks “cool” – I bet they could come up with a bunch of their old toys to use! Thanks for sharing!!!

  • Terri trotter

    Love this article. I have two boy beaders. Ages 4 and 3. The big one started with big beads at 2 and the younger just started getting into it. They have their bead stash and I have mine. We do not take from each others stash without asking. That is the rule in this house. I have some of the best necklaces that fit my waist and I wear them with pride! Beading is not just for girls!!!

  • Ruth

    That is awesome! I love it! I just had a baby girl myself and it is almost impossible to find time to bead. I just hope my little girl is into beading too.

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  • Liz

    My 8 year old twin daughters have been beading for years, I let them make one necklace a month. We’ve stopped for awhile, since the necklaces keep ending up on the floor. They have their bead boxes and I share from my stash regularly. But, really, my beading took off once they started school :-)

  • CxCx

    1966-67 The forgotten Dodge Charger. Nice!!

  • Slate

    Cool! Awesome!And exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And NICE CAR!!!

    by the way I am the boy!

  • otj

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