Bead Challenge: Part 1

Every designer gets stuck in phases. Whether you are addicted to wire work or can’t stop stitching, it’s nice to break out of that mold and challenge yourself to try something new.

We challenged four of our designers to do just that. We gave them all the following parameters:  a color idea, time limit, […]

These are a Few of My Favorite Rings!

Every year Oprah has her favorite things list filled with cars, diamond earrings, iPads, and other really expensive things that I can’t afford. Well, if I had my own favorite things list, this would top the list this year.

I LOVE this ring! I have made so many of them in every shape […]

Use Glass Domes for Quick and Easy Gifts!

When you are in a rush to get your personalized holiday gifts made, you don’t always have the time to work with ICE Resin or glazes that take a while to dry. I have a secret that can save you lots of time and even lots of money on supplies! carries a line […]

Enamoured with Enamel! has just added a new line of enameled disc beads from Sara Lukkonen, owner of C-Koop Beads! I love all things enameled, so I was really excited that we added this new line. They come in multiple sizes and bold, bright hues. These stackable discs work great with her line of enameled flowers. […]

New One Ounce ICE Resin!

I love using ICE Resin, but I find myself saving up resin projects until I have enough use for the 30mL minimum amount of ICE Resin that I have to mix up. I’ve always wished there was a way I could just mix up enough resin to fill one bezel without wasting […]

Tag! You’re It!

All parents want the best for their children, so why not give the best to your pets too?  As much as I try to tell myself that my two puppies should live like animals, I still can’t stop myself from buying cute Halloween costumes and plush little beds for them. Since I’ve […]