Gorgeous Nature Inspired Jewelry

Oh, how I love Natural Brass products by Vintaj! We just got in a bunch of new items from their natural brass line and some from their brand new line of Arte Metal.

Jess Italia Lincoln is not only a fabulous jewelry designer and artist for Vintaj – she is also part owner of the Vintaj Natural Brass Company. Her unique style and great eye for design show in all of the jewelry and art she creates. She incorporates many different techniques into her jewelry designs – riveting, texturing, stamping, using alcohol inks and dimensional glosses. We asked her to make a few pieces just for us that showcase some of her favorite products and techniques. She designed and created Wild Flower, Nature Walk and Butterfly Meadow. Let me show you some of her unique ways of incorporating all of these components.  Check out this detail of Wild Flower, a fun necklace that Jess designed for us. I love how she used the new blossoming duet component in the necklace. She placed a Burgundy Swarovski Elements Crystal Pearl onto a head pin and threaded it through the hole in the flower of the blossoming duet. Then she bent the head pin wire toward the flower’s stem, and then wrapped the wire around the stem three times.

She used the same technique on the violet sprig with a Cyclamen Opal Swarovski Elements Crystal Bicone. It is such a cute look.

Here’s how she used a trillium petals fastenable as a link: She threaded a dark amethyst florette bead onto a head pin through the center and wove the head pin wire over and under each trillium petal to secure it.

Nature Walk is another great necklace that Jess designed for FusionBeads.com. It features an ICE Resin pendant embellished with a Garden Sunset collage sheet and a little floret.

It is clever how she made a bail for the pendant using a head pin.

I really like how she used the new slender leaf stamping blank as a link and then used a antique brass nail head rivet to attach a few other little leaves.  I also like how she altered the color of the blank by applying the Juniper acrylic paint as a primer. She then applied the Pesto and Butterscotch alcohol inks randomly and then as a final touch she added the Copper alcohol ink. She used a paper towel to blot some of the copper off so that the previous colors show through. Stunning!

I hope these fabulous necklaces get your creative juices flowing to make your own one of kind creation.

Happy Beading! – Cody

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  • Steph

    Hello! Great projects here. Is there a link for the wild flower necklace? I have started gathering the components from looking at the picture but not sure on the chain size and link sizes.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thankyou for sharing lovely inspiration.
    Best Regards

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