Animal Instincts – Swarovski Trend Forecast 2011

With every product launch, Swarovski provides a trend report based on in-depth research and information gathered from around the world. The report forecasts the direction of the fashion industry in a detailed breakdown of five trend categories: Harmony, Classic, Progressive, Romantic, and Glamour. Along with elaborate descriptions of the latest trends, Swarovski provides trend boxes filled with assortments of inspirational material and tons of glittering crystals!

Usually these reports are available only to Swarovski’s business partners, but we’re so excited about these upcoming trends that we’ve decided to give you a peek inside our sparkling trend boxes for a glimpse of what’s next! So here’s your opportunity – a preview of the 2011 fashion forecast!

In Swarovski’s words:

Swarovski’s key trends for Autumn/Winter 2011/12 take inspiration from the animal kingdom and divide into different schools of thought. On one hand, paring back is paramount with a focus on nature, tradition and the real and tangible. On the other, encompassed by a positive and uplifting mood, we embrace the future and look forward to new horizons. Our animal instincts have been aroused with a sense of safety, security and community at the fore. Ultimately, we seek to survive. In order to do this we need to reconnect with what is real and tangible to nurture our inner instincts and re-connect with our environment. Armed with this newfound wisdom, we turn to nature and her inhabitants for guidance and instruction.


Snow Rabbit TrendWinter Landscape/Snow Rabbit
A sublimely simple canvas of hazy winter pastels and creamy neutrals punctuated with softer-than-soft blues and pale off-grays.
Jewelry Trend: Charming, intricate pieces that encapsulate a sense of cocooning. Almost translucent, woven and knitted elements in ethereal forms are sprinkled with crystal. Bold ice crystal rings and necklaces are finished in matte or beaten metals.
Key Mood: Harmony, health, protection, relaxation, nature, tradition, intellect, humor, environment, decorative, freshness, artistic.
Trend Evolution: Opulence, Winter Passion, Liquid Sunshine, Spiritual Light, The art of being… quiet, Open-hearted.
Crystal Colors: Crystal, Light Azore, Sand Opal, Silk, Light Grey Opal

Brown Bear TrendForest/Brown Bear
The reassuring, traditional earthy palettes of chocolate and tan are made over with punctuations of bright pumpkin and sunflower yellow. Amber and tortoiseshell tones infiltrate.
Jewelry Trend: Tarnished metallics and pewters predominate. Root, twig and branch-like structures are incorporated into bracelets and necklaces. Amber, yellow and topaz tones are mixed with horn and wood. Brooches are a surprise element.
Key Mood: Fine quality, balanced, clean, pure, understatement, distinction.
Trend Evolution: Classic, Austerity, Cool Sophistication, Exquisite Cuts, Light and Shadow, Perfect/Flawed, The art of being… relaxed, Traveler, Substance, Sturdy, Endurance, Natural Forms.
Crystal Colors: Crystal Silver Night, Topaz, Sunflower, Light Smoked Topaz, Smoked Topaz, Jet Nut

Fox TrendFarmland/Fox
Enduring textiles are off-set by the gorgeous glint of crystal, small random sparkles create an honest and authentic effect, like glittering gems found at the bottom of Grandma’s treasure box.
Jewelry Trend: Traditional elements and motif-driven jewelry are the core focus. Cameos, lockets and filigree showcase nostalgic elements. Pearls are a subtle inclusion. Delicate, refined chains are strung with tiny crystals, making a sweet statement.
Key Mood: Progressive, spontaneous, open minded, cheeky, strong, risk taking, experimental, sporty, rebellious, visionary. Mementos of trustworthy times, turning to the past to prepare for the future in a truly progressive move.
Trend Evolution: Radiance, Optimism, Silent Codes, Direct, Neon Lights, Random/Constructed, The art of being… physical, Elemental, Avant-Garde, Energy.
Crystal Colors: Crystal Silver Night, Siam, Dark Indigo, Khaki, Sunflower, Crystal Red Magma, Jet Nut

Kingfisher TrendCountryside/Kingfisher
Emerging from the darkness of former fashion palettes, fabulous fuchsias, sunflower yellows and burnt orange marry in poetic songs of color.
Jewelry Trend: Bracelets, layered and stacked, create magical musical jewelry. Brass and silver are found in finishes. Chandelier earrings, bejeweled brooches and lace collars are interspersed with crystals and pearls. Clusters of cocktail rings adorn fingers.
Key Mood: Romantic: decorative, sensual, atmospheric, dreamy.
Trend evolution: Finesse, Attitude, Land of Illusion, Delicate Twists, Acid Candy, Moonlight, Seduction/Restraint, Muse, The art of being… intimate, Hyperreal, Meadow, Emotion, Materials, Serenity (passion, romance, intrigue, wings)
Crystal Colors: Topaz, Olivine, Rose, Indicolite, Sunflower, Crystal Silver Night

Horse TrendCity/Horse
Mesmerizing combinations of darkened crystals meld together in geometric forms to adorn tailored jackets, while sexy suiting, in a deeply powerful palette, allows us to blend into the slick city architecture.
Jewelry Trend: Horse hair and black enamel create contrast. Body chains and head-pieces resembling harnesses are key items. Plaiting appears in pendants and earrings. Gunmetal, highly polished silver, and brass are used for bases.
Key Mood: Glamour, elegant, exclusive, opulent, decorative, rich, magnificent, elaborate, expressive, outstanding, luxurious.
Trend evolution: Antique, Mystic Light, Poetic Light, Culture Flashes, Grand Hotel, Stage Light, Bitter/Sweet, Creature, The art of being… excessive, Activist, Pacific, Opulence, Colors and Surfaces, Fun, Ocean.
Crystal Colors: Amethyst, Night Blue Crystal Pearl, Montana, Crystal Silver Night, Dark Indigo, Jet

Now, go on and make something beautiful!


5 comments to Animal Instincts – Swarovski Trend Forecast 2011

  • Tia

    The Kingfisher Trends’ image does not pop-out when clicked as do the other image’s

  • MaryLou Rupp

    Thank you for presenting the forecast so beautifully. Each one is a piece of art all it’s own. It helps to have some ideas of how to combine things some times.

  • Lynn

    Just have to say! This is the Most wonderful article! I can’t look at the pretties enough :) All of them are beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

  • I have always been a big fan of Swarovski crystals.. Of the forcasts for this year the only one I don’t care for is the rabbit/white crystal.. White is such a boring color to me.. Give me bright and beautiful colors..

  • Great information! I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now. Thanks!

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