Hello, Yellow!

Are you wondering where the vibrant new Sunflower crystal color fits into the  Swarovski spectrum? Sunflower sits perfectly between Topaz and Light Topaz, filling out the yellow range of Swarovski’s colors beautifully! Try combining Sunflower with Topaz, Light Topaz and Jonquil to create a smooth gradient of color that will add warmth and style to your designs!

Have a great weekend! – Mollie

Shades of Yellow

From left to right: Jonquil, Light Topaz, Sunflower and Topaz

9 comments to Hello, Yellow!

  • Sue

    I’m a little confused.. When I compare your photo with this:
    The one in the “5 o’clock” position looks very orange, while the product on your website looks very yellow, but both are identified as “Sunflower”. ??
    Please clarify.

  • shirley

    Also, from this photo – sunflower looks an awful lot like “sun” – am I misremembering :-)

  • Sue

    @Shirley – I said the same thing about “Sun” on their Facebook page.. ..maybe someone needs to do a little color-correction in Photoshop? =)

  • FusionBeads.com

    The photo is correct, the new Sunflower color is a very bold vibrant yellow and can come off as more gold/orange. We can assure you this is not Sun which is a very bright orange. Also keep in mind background colors and computer screen settings can effect the way a color looks.

  • Phyllis

    Love these colors together. They’re YUMMY!

  • Being a Kansas Girl,and living in the land of sunflowers, this is probably going to be my new favorite crystal color! I love it!!!!

  • sounds good?real effect? i will try myself.

  • Peggy

    Just received some of the new crystals in both sunflower and silver night. OMG I love silver night can’t wait to order more pieces. Sunflower is exactly the color of what it’s named for, it really looks like a sunflower petal.

  • Hello yellow.. Awful :)

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