Summer Souvenir Project

Summer VacationWhen I used to travel, before I had kids, I’d take tons of beads with me. That was also back when you could take your tools on airplanes. These days, with a 3- and a 7-year-old, I still take beads, but don’t always get as much done as I used to. This year we took the kids to Legoland and Sea World. Of course I had to check out the jewelry they were selling, but amidst all the souvenirs, an idea came to me. I collected a smashed penny from every exhibit we went to. Total? $2.55. Wahoo! A bargain! As I was collecting them, I wasn’t sure what my design was going to be. But once home after the excitement of traveling with children, I figured it out! The slight curve of the smashed pennies sparked the inspiration. I decided to use the nylon jaw bracelet bending pliers to bend the pennies so that the images would show on the right side. Then I punched a hole in each end of the penny – creating a link. Putting them all together, I was able to make a fun, handmade souvenir – one I won’t be getting rid of the next time I feel like cleaning.

Souvenir BraceletCall it a charm bracelet, but for me it will always be a reminder of our summer vacation to Sea World!

– Mari

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