Groovy Pliers

Groovy PliersSince the first day I picked up a pair of pliers, I have been in a love affair with wire wrapping.  However, even in my years of experience I had never been able to make consistent-sized loops.  Then I discovered Wolf Pliers!  Of the three types of Wolf Pliers that our site carries, my favorite is the Wolf 3-Grooved Groovy Looping Pliers.  These pliers have three grooves on the flat jaw which assist in wire placement so that you can produce uniform sized loops every time.  The pliers not only produce three different sizes of loops, but they also allow your wire to bend at a perfect 90° angle!  They are ideal for creating wire wraps, earring loops, simple loops and jump rings.  Make sure to check out our beading technique for Using Wolf Grooved Looping Pliers on our site, and you will be on your way to turning your funky-looking loops into groovy loops!

Be Creative! – Sara

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