Back to School

Backpack TagsThe new school year is upon us! Time for new pens, pencils, paper, notebooks, clothes, shoes, and backpacks. And these days, everything has to be labeled with the kids’ name. I don’t want to just use a Sharpie to mark everything, I want to be creative and make sure that everything my daughter has from her outfit to her backpack expresses who she is. So, to make something unique and easy for her to recognize, I’ve created a cute backpack tag that attaches to the zipper. I’ve made a few different ones for some of her closest friends as well. I metal stamped Slate’s name onto a copper blank and then added a little Lego piece (he loves Legos). For Marina, I used a double sided Nunn Design pendant and included her picture on one side and her name on the other and then sealed the paper and added resin. I wanted it to be cute and easy for her to see who it belongs to. Then for my daughter Lexi, I stamped her name on a silver stamping blank using the rubber stamps and I also added a rubber stamped bird and a little sparkle with crystals.

Backpack TagsTry making one of these cute tags for your little one’s first day of school.

Sparkle! – Lindsay

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