To start off the Labor Day weekend I decided to write to you about one of my favorite things, and considering we get the day off on Monday I thought, what a perfect time to talk about fun hand made games. I have always enjoyed BINGO and think I will play it this weekend with a group of my girlfriends. I am going to make my own BINGO cards using the new fun paper and rubber stamp sets we recently launched. Not only that, I thought it would make it a little bit more interesting to use cute beads and charms as BINGO markers. I cannot think of a more fun way to spend an afternoon with all my crafty friends than playing BINGO but with beads!

You can see here in my little collage photo that I have chosen some really quaint pieces as my markers. The gold plated pewter charms are some of my favorites. The little bird, scissors, camera and button with thread are four of my absolute best. Then to add a little splash of color you can see some cute enameled rings and flowers by C-Koop and some of my all time favorite vintage Lucite beads and pendants. I have also included some fire polished glass rondelles as their teeny tininess is very appealing to me. I am going to sew the edges of my BINGO cards with the fluffy colorful Northern brights embellishment cords to make them a little more sturdy. And to embellish some of the cards I will use some glitter – because we could all use a little more sparkle.

What are you doing this weekend? I hope you have so much fun you just can’t stop! Have a great holiday weekend, I’m off to play – Sam

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