New Crystal Sneak Peek! Part 4

Pssst! Here’s another teaser for you crystal lovers! I wrote recently about the new color and effect that Swarovski Elements is launching for its Fall 2011 line. Today, I want to entice you with other new products will be introducing.

Prints! That’s right, you read that correctly. Swarovski Elements is launching a line […]

New Crystal Sneak Peek! Part 3

Can’t wait to get your hands on the new line of Swarovski Elements? Here’s another peek at the upcoming line of beads!

First we have the new Lucerna Bead (article# 5030). This new shape is reminiscent of a Chinese lantern, hence the name, which is Latin for lantern. It’s a beautiful alternative to a […]

New Crystal Sneak Peek! Part 2

They’re almost here! The new Fall/Winter 2011 Swarovski Elements line of beads, pendants and components is coming in soon! We are always gaga over the new colors or pearls, but this season the standout is the new line of pendants. Swarovski is launching three new designs that we are sure to be using a […]

Summer Souvenir Project

When I used to travel, before I had kids, I’d take tons of beads with me. That was also back when you could take your tools on airplanes. These days, with a 3- and a 7-year-old, I still take beads, but don’t always get as much done as I used to. This year we […]

Groovy Pliers

Since the first day I picked up a pair of pliers, I have been in a love affair with wire wrapping.  However, even in my years of experience I had never been able to make consistent-sized loops.  Then I discovered Wolf Pliers!  Of the three types of Wolf Pliers that our site […]

Halloween Treats

With Halloween approaching, many of us are planning our annual trips to the pumpkin patch and preparing our prize-worthy costumes (I am dressing up as Boo from Monsters, Inc.!). But whose to-do list also includes designing jewelry to fit the season? Mine does – and I love the creepy, cute and downright spooky Halloween […]