Fun Chunky Necklace

A Night Out

Chunky designs are everywhere! If you take a look around, you’ll see all kinds of bold jewelry made from large beads in magazines and stores.  That’s why we are so excited about our new Czech glass rounds, which come in sizes up to 18mm! We haven’t had anything quite like these before – big beads in a whole range of vibrant colors. It’s just what we wanted to see as we begin to head into fall.

So, how would you use these beads? I made a necklace inspired by something we saw in a store and fell in love with. The necklace, A Night Out, features a mixture of deep gunmetal and bright silver chains, which create a beautiful texture and contrast wonderfully with the rich red glass.

This necklace is made by stringing chains onto beading wire in between each pair of beads. Start by stringing the end links of three chains onto a length of beading wire. String a bead, bring the chains across the bead, and string the beading wire through one link in each chain.

A Night Out Detail

String the beading wire through the chain link that sits closest to the bead hole. Continue this way – string a bead, string one link from each of the three chains, string a bead, string one link from each of the three chains – until you have strung all the beads. Then get ready to tie some knots! Using a fourth, longer chain, work from one end of the necklace to the other, tying a single knot between every pair of beads. Pay attention to how tight the chain is between knots (not so loose that it’s floppy, but not so tight that it’s stiff!), so the necklace will have a nice drape when it’s done.

A Night Out Detail

Finishing the necklace is easy – just crimp each end of the beading wire onto a piece of extender chain (the chain that goes around the back of the necklace), add a clasp, and you’re done!  See our instructions here for all the info on chain lengths, other materials and step-by-step instructions. This necklace would be a perfect statement piece for a summer night out – low cost and high impact!

Happy beading!


4 comments to Fun Chunky Necklace

  • Gail Whitehead

    I love this necklace!So easy to make,doesn’t really cost much,you can change the colors and make it in time to wear to tonights’ get together.I just now started looking and was so happy to see this necklace,I had to comment on it right then.I sure hope to see more like this.

  • I usually don’t post in Blogs but your blog forced me to, amazing work.. beautiful …

  • very good guide,easy to understand and easy to make.

  • Tom

    This is a very good idea for making affordable necklace. This is beautiful. I will tell my sister about it. She’ll love it.

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