Riveted NecklaceWe have a fun new technique at FusionBeads.com – Basic Riveting. I absolutely love anything riveted, so I was very excited about this new technique.  Rivets are a great way to cold-join metal to metal.

We show you how to make your own rivets with wire. The technique is shown with 14 gauge fine silver, but you can also use copper, sterling silver, gold, brass, bronze or steel. While your wire can be any gauge, it should not be finer than 20 gauge. A wire gauge or drawplate will help you measure the wire.

The key to successful riveting is to make sure that your wire fits securely in the punched or drilled hole – the tighter the fit, the easier the riveting. The rivet has to be able to splay over the edge of the hole when struck with the riveting hammer.  Riveting takes a little finesse and practice. You’ll want to hammer rivets very gently on a bench block.

Check out our new technique and give it a try. We also have a great riveting FAQ to help you with questions you may have. For an idea, take a look at Little Garden, a fabulous necklace I made with rivets, stamping blanks and design stamps.

Happy Beading! – Cody

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