Transparency Papers and Resin!

We have just launched some great new Easy Peasy paper pads and new Nunn Design collage items. One of the coolest things about these paper pads is that most of them are made to fit perfectly with Nunn Design collage pendants! I am especially excited because some papers are made of transparent plastic with images and words printed on them so you can make dynamic layers in your collage pendants using resins. Shown below are some pieces I made using the new transparent paper and some Nunn Design collage pendants. I thought I would take this opportunity to show you my successes and a failure so that we can all learn from my mistake!

Resin Pendant 1

Pendant 1: I mixed a batch of ICE Resin and added some Salmon Pink Pearl Ex Powdered Pigment. I then poured a thin layer of that into my collage pendant. I did not let it cure. I carefully applied a piece of transparency paper with cute text and images on it to the surface of the resin and pressed down in an attempt to remove bubbles. Sadly, this did not remove the bubbles – they were too large to press out, and if I had pressed any harder, the resin would have spilled out of the pendant. Oh no, FAILURE! This piece did not work at all….oh well, try again.

Resin Pendant 2

Pendant 2: This time I glued and sealed paper to the surface of a pendant. After the sealant dried, I poured ICE Resin into the pendant and let the resin soft cure for 6 hours before applying the transparency paper. Once I had placed the transparency paper carefully over the resin, I poured a second thin layer of resin over the transparent paper. I made sure to cut the transparency image slightly smaller than the original image. SUCCESS! This piece worked wonderfully.  I think this is my favorite!

Resin Pendant 3

Pendant 3: I glued the paper image to the bezel then I added a layer of glue to the surface of the paper. While the glue was still wet, I added the transparency paper to the surface of the paper layer. Then I poured ICE Resin over both. I made sure to let the glue dry before I poured the resin. SUCCESS! What a good day!

Till next time – Sam

P.S. To get more detailed step-by-step instructions on similar techniques take a look at the Beading Techniques page!

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