I Heart Flat Back Crystals

Flat Back CrystalsI’ve been teased by many of my friends about my flat backing. I love flat backs! I love to add them to anything – wood, resin, paper and especially other crystals. I mean, who doesn’t want crystals on crystals? The more sparkle, the better! To glue on flat back crystals takes patience and strong glue. My glue of choice? It’s a two-part epoxy that cures in five minutes. Yes, it smells, and you have a small window of working time, but I love the strength. I mix a small amount on a scrap piece of paper with a toothpick and then carefully add a small dot of epoxy to my piece. Pick up a flat back with tweezers, gently place it on the dot, and then repeat. When the epoxy starts to cure and becomes stiff, I mix a new little batch. This means that the crystals that I just adhered have also nearly finished curing. The short curing time is helpful when I’m working on a piece with multiple sides. The epoxy enables me to continue adhering crystals without worrying if they are going to slide off when I turn the piece over.

Flat Back Components

Check out some of the pieces I’ve done with flat backs attached to larger crystals.

Sparkle! – Lindsay

3 comments to I Heart Flat Back Crystals

  • Kellie Wichser

    Your website is top knotch. The pictures are very detailed and appreciated, thank you. The staff at the store are wonderful. Your selection of crystals and sizes far surpasses any I’ve seen anywhere else. I’m just darn lucky you are close and I can visit your store, but am so happy I can order online and not have to pay shipping. I can say nothing but good things about you!

  • alessa

    This has inspired me to cover a skull with Swarovski flatbacks, I love it thus far. However, some glue has dried over the crystal. What do you suggest to carefully take the glue off, acetone? I’m using Loctite Super Glue.

  • We haven’t used Loctite with flat backs before, but if some adhesive gets on the surface of our crystal we’ll wait until it dries and then pick it off. Acetone or nail polish remover can be tried, but it is hard to control and might seep under the flat backs which are already applied.

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