Chocolate Chip Mint Color Idea

Color Idea

Chocolate chip mint ice cream was the inspiration for our newest color idea and is one of my favorites! I love the cool mint tone of the ice cream and the rich dark color of the chocolate chips. After I finished my edible inspiration, I got down to some serious bead picking. It is always so much fun to go through and fill my shopping cart with all the pretty beads that could work for a color idea. Then comes narrowing down my choices to what will really work in the final color idea.

Color Idea Beads

I chose Swarovski crystals in Pacific Opal, Light Azore, Mint Alabaster, Mocca and Smoked Topaz. I found some cat’s eye beads in a mint green tone and some simple round glass beads in cool mint as these had the same color tones as the ice cream.  We have lots of new wood, so it was fun to find some new shapes to add to the palette, I choose the Tiger Kamagong Ebony as its rich dark color has the feel of the chocolate chips in the ice cream. I came across these resin rings in a cool sea foam color; I am hoping that they will fit inside some of the wood that I have chosen. I love the opaque color of the ice cream, so it was a must to include the opaque cool mint Delica beads, with a few accents of light azure and pacific opal seed beads to round out the color palette.

Chocolate Chip Mint Color Idea

Now that I have my beads selected, I start with a layout. This one came together rather quickly because the wood pieces gave me a great base to build from. I was quite happy that the resin rings fit inside the wood rings. Everything just fell into place after that. I think it came together nicely.

Check out the Mint Chip earrings I made using this color idea as inspiration. I hope this gets your creative juices going and inspires you to make some beautiful jewelry.

Happy Beading! – Cody

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