Welcome to the Creative Room!

Welcome to the Creative Room! Here, six talented women of the FusionBeads.com team will share with you their years of knowledge in order to inspire your beading creativity. We are constantly trying to improve our own beading and jewelry knowledge. Drawing inspiration from beads, jewelry trends, fashion and art, we want you to create along with us.Welcome!

Let’s meet the Creative Room team. Katie has been beading since she was young and also enjoys quilting. The fabric she collects for her quilts inspire her unique color combinations and jewelry designs. Lindsay began beading in grade school and has continued ever since. In the Creative Room, she is known for her color graduated wire wrapped cluster earrings. If it were up to her, everything would be wire wrapped. Allie is continually mixing metals and mixing media. She combines resins, found objects, chain and beads to make amazing jewelry. Sam is our go-to-girl when we are learning about new techniques and new products. She has a desire to learn new techniques and combine different mediums to make incredible art. She draws inspiration from vintage style – fashion and furniture. Cody’s love of rich, jewel tones can be seen in so many of her jewelry designs. She loves fusing fine silver wire and combining wire wrapping into her work. Birds and flowers are an ever present design element in Mollie’s jewelry. She is always trying new techniques that will allow her to create more fanciful jewelry. We hope that we can inspire you to learn and create amazing beaded jewelry!

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