Paper by K&Company and StazOn® Ink

It is so exciting that we are now selling rubber stamps and decorative paper at as there are so many incredibly creative ways to use these products to make jewelry. Today I have included as many of my experiments with the new rubber stamps and paper products as I can. I hope that […]

Transparency Papers and Resin!

We have just launched some great new Easy Peasy paper pads and new Nunn Design collage items. One of the coolest things about these paper pads is that most of them are made to fit perfectly with Nunn Design collage pendants! I am especially excited because some papers are made of transparent plastic with […]

I Heart Flat Back Crystals

I’ve been teased by many of my friends about my flat backing. I love flat backs! I love to add them to anything – wood, resin, paper and especially other crystals. I mean, who doesn’t want crystals on crystals? The more sparkle, the better! To glue on flat back crystals takes patience and strong […]

Crystal Red Magma

One of Swarovski’s newest crystal coatings is Crystal Red Magma, a deep, rich shade of red with a hint of a metallic reflection. It’s a beautiful, warm color with a powerful finish that stands on its own or can be used in small doses to complement other crystal colors. It’s one […]

Chocolate Chip Mint Color Idea

Chocolate chip mint ice cream was the inspiration for our newest color idea and is one of my favorites! I love the cool mint tone of the ice cream and the rich dark color of the chocolate chips. After I finished my edible inspiration, I got down to some serious bead picking. It […]

Tronex, the Cadillac of cutters

Tronex cutters handle so smoothly. They give me a perfect cut every time. The precision-engineered blades make a razor flush cut perfect for when I’m fusing fine silver. Tronex brand cutters are good for everyday cutting as long as you stay within the recommended cutting parameters. (No heavier than […]