Tuesday Tips and Tricks!


One of the biggest trends in jewelry right now is the layered look; stacked bracelets, stacked rings, and of course, wearing multiple necklaces at once. You can use today’s tips to help you decide how to get the fun layered look with multiple necklace designs this summer.

I wanted to try and grab some necklace designs I already had and see which ones may look good layered. I didn’t want the look to be too heavy so I picked more delicate pieces that make a statement when layered with others. In my opinion, mixing solid metallics with other colorful designs is a good place to start. The solid gold necklace from the Delicate set was a great shorter length to start with, and since it had no other colors to compete with, it would be easier to find designs to compliment it. After I had that one picked out I knew I wanted another gold necklace, this time with pops of color. The Just Enough design was perfect! It sits right below the first necklace on the neckline (when it’s at its shortest length on the adjustable closure). These two created a fun boho chic look, but I still wanted a little more length. I thought it would be fun to add another solid gold design and the Golden Arrow necklace ended up being a perfect fit!

delicate necklaceDelicate NecklaceJust enough 2Just Enough Necklacegolden arrow 2Golden Arrow Necklace

Once I played with the lengths I was able to get the look I wanted. I love each of these designs alone, and even more so when they are layered together! If your necklaces don’t have an adjustable closure, and you are having trouble getting the different lengths to lay properly, you can always use a tiny safety pin or paper clip to temporarily keep your necklace the length you need it. If your clasp fits through the chain links in your necklace design you can also simply connect the clasp to the chain.


Do you like to layer your necklace designs? Share with us in the comments below.

Happy Tuesday – Allie


Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

7.16-TIPS-AND-TRICKS-BANNER-IMAGEWhen learning metal stamping it can take many, many tries to figure out how hard to hit a stamp and how to angle the hammer to get the best impressions. There are many things that go into getting those letter stamps perfectly aligned, or getting a certain design to be in just the right spot. You can use today’s tips to help you master the art of metal stamping.

Before you jump right in, it’s always a good idea to practice stamping on less expensive, copper, nickel, or brass sheet metal until you’re comfortable enough to move to something more expensive, like sterling silver.

A problem a lot of people have when first starting out is getting their stamp to make a deep, even impression. To make sure your lettering and designs will be as straight as possible, use Stamp Straight Tape™ by ImpressArt. While also holding your stamping blank in place, the straight line of the tape acts as the perfect marker for you to add your letters in a straight line and your designs right where they need to be.

Step-6If you don’t have a very steady hand and are struggling with keeping the letter stamps in place, you can use the Simple Strike Jig. This tool will help you make sure the stamp is flush with the surface you are stamping it on and will protect your fingers when striking the stamp with the hammer.


Simple Strike Jig by ImpressArt


Once you have your designs, letters or words in place, use Stamp Enamel to make the stamped area pop! I love seeing how bold and clear the designs and/or letters are after this step. Step-8

Step-9Do you have any other helpful metal stamping tips or tricks that you use? Share with us in the comments below.

Happy Tuesday – Allie





Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

tuesdaytipsandtricks-520x210Choosing colors is often the first step of starting a new project. Some of us have a signature color palette we prefer to work in, or a designer may have a particular person in mind if they’re making a commission or gift. On those occasions when you want to break out of your usual designs or have a bead hanging around in a unique color, try turning to a color wheel.color wheelColor wheels have been in use since the early 1700s and are now most frequently used by artists and designers as a guide for paint or other product selection. Most wheels start with the very basic primary colors of blue, red and yellow and then are divided up into the secondary colors of green, orange and violet, and every shade in between! You can use a color wheel to find two types of colors that work well together, harmonizing colors and complementary colors. Colors that harmonize are found near one another on the color wheel like aqua and blue. Complementary or contrasting colors, like purple and yellow, are found opposite each other on the color wheel.

I used the color wheel we have at FusionBeads.com to help me decide on these complimentary  round Czech glass beads for my next colorful bracelet design.T&T2Swarovski also has a wonderful color wheel tool online called the Color Carousel. With one click and drag of your mouse, you can choose one of Swarovski’s signature colors and find out not only that shade’s harmonizing color, but also its complementary color. Swarovski’s color palette is so large that while their color wheel is perfect for selecting Swarovski products, it can be used to develop a color palette for any project!

Have you used a color wheel for your designs before? Share with us in the comments below.

Happy Tuesday! – Allie






Tuesday Tips and Tricks!


You may not always think to use closed jump rings in your projects, but these great little findings are perfect for the other side of a clasp for lobster claw clasps, spring rings, hooks, etc. They’re also fabulous for finishing off bead weaving projects. There’s no risk of a thread slipping through the opening and having a project disaster! Below are some of our trendy jewelry designs that show closed jump rings being used as a connector or other end to a clasp. Southern Lady Bracelet

Southern Lady Bracelet
Into the Woods Earrings

Into the Woods EarringsWalk on the Beach Necklace

Walk on the Beach NecklaceSpiralize Bracelet

Spiralize Bracelet

Have you used closed jump rings in your own jewelry designs? Share with us in the comments below!

Happy Tuesday! – Allie



Tuesday Tips and Tricks!


Looking to update an old button-up blouse or sweater from your wardrobe with a fresh new look? Try switching out your tired old buttons with colorful Swarovski Crystal buttons, trendy TierraCast® buttons, whimsical Green Girl Studios buttons, and more! You can even design your own mixed media fasteners with Nunn Design bezel buttons!


The foil backing on this sweater’s original clear glass buttons was so scratched from being tossed carelessly into the laundry for years that the glass was completely dull and had lost all sparkle. Enter Swarovski Crystal buttons in the fabulously reflective Crystal Volcano finish to give the sweater a whole new sparkle!

Also, it is possible to machine wash a garment with Swarovski Crystal or other decorative buttons on it! To do so, fasten all the buttons, turn the clothing inside out, and wash the item in a mesh lingerie bag if possible. Avoid putting the item in the dryer and lay it out to air dry instead.

Happy Tuesday! -Gabby

Now Up to Bat: Your Team by TierraCast®!


We are thrilled to kick off the launch of TierraCast®’s brand new Your Team collection! This fan-tastic line features perfectly detailed baseball, football, basketball, soccer, and volleyball charms, along with stepped bezel charms featuring a colorful array of genuine Swarovski crystals framed in both silver and gold plated pewter. For a glimpse at these future hall-of-famers in action, check out our sporty Batter Up Bracelet! Even though our designs cheer on the Seattle Mariners and Detroit Tigers, you can easily customize the colors in this piece to represent your favorite team, or even switch out the charms to feature an entirely different sport! TierraCast® also put together this handy Team Spirit Color Chart with MLB, NFL, and NBA team colors to make choosing the right hues a breeze. This new line would be great to show support not only for your favorite pro teams, but also the little sports stars in your life!

Happy Beading!-