Holiday Party Jewelry Ideas!

The holidays are upon us, and you know what that means: tons of parties! No matter what kind of party you’re attending, from work functions to celebrating with family and friends, you should have some fabulous jewelry to complete your look and make an unforgettable entrance! Need some design inspiration? Check out just a few of the great party jewelry options below to help you get started!




Don’t see any pieces that fit your aesthetic or color palette? Take a peek at our Inspiration Projects and use the filters to sort by color, type, or beading technique! Don’t be afraid to switch up bead colors or metal finishes to make the design your own, too! With our stunning selection of jewelry design options, you’re sure to find just the right piece for you to be the stylish star of every party!


Happy Beading – Cody


Quick And Easy Stretch Bracelets

Need to make a present for a friend, and fast? Check out these quick and easy stretch bracelets I made for gifts! These bracelets are super cute, easily customizable, and won’t break the bank!
Quick and Easy bracelets Step 1
All you need is:
1. Stretch Magic
2. Beads (I used 8mm gemstones)
3. A cute charm to personalize the bracelet (I chose the Om Drop Charm by TierraCast® in two finishes: silver and antique brass)
4. Jump rings to attach your charms. I used 4mm Silver-Filled 22 Gauge Open Jump Ring and 4mm Antique Brass Plated Base Metal 22 Gauge Open Jump Ring.
5. Hypo Tube Cement to glue the knots in the Stretch Magic.
6. Bead stoppers to prevent the beads from coming off the Stretch Magic while you string them.
Quick and easy bracelet - quarts
Step 1:
Open the jump rings and string one onto every charm.
Step 2:
Close the jump rings.
Step 3:
Cut your Stretch Magic into 8.5 inch pieces. The number of pieces will depend on how many bracelets you are making.
IMG_3368 edited
Step 4:
Attach a bead stopper to one end of one piece of the Stretch Magic.
Step 5:
String the beads onto the Stretch Magic. (One strand of 8mm gemstones makes one 7.5 inch bracelet.) Make sure to string on the charm, too.
Step 6:
Take off the bead stopper.
Step 7:
Knot the ends of the Stretch Magic.
Step 8:
Add a drop of Hypo Tube Cement to each knot and let dry.
Step 9:
Trim any excess Stretch Magic.
Step 10:
Repeat Step 4 through 9 for the rest of the bracelets.
Quick and easy bracelets - completed
Wasn’t that easy? What beads and charms would you use to make these fun bracelets for you or your friends?

Tuesday Tips and Tricks!


Having a good fit with a ring is very important, but, like clothing, tight-fitting woven jewelry can stretch over time. You don’t want to lose a ring you’ve spent hours weaving together, especially one with a bead woven bezel! My best tip for making beaded rings is to weave them together with FireLine Braided Bead Thread. FireLine doesn’t stretch, so a ring band made with this thread won’t sag or become misshapen!

You can use FireLine to repair stretched out ring bands as well. Choose a thinner diameter thread and smaller needle than normal, because you’ll be weaving back through beads that are already full of thread.Woven rings can stretchI’m using a Size 13 Tulip Beading Needle and 4lb FireLine to fix this ring.Add new FireLine to the ringAnchor your repair thread into the ring just like you would add a new thread to any bead weaving project. Your goal is to close any open space between the beads.Weave the beads back togetherWeave your new thread in with a solid, tight tension and pull the beads back together. Rings are small and fiddley, so try holding the band on the tip of your finger while you work. Just be careful not to jab yourself!Fixed with FireLine!Happy Tuesday! – Gretchen




Tuesday Tips and Tricks!


Our Be Free Necklace has a unique construction that really makes a statement, but can also be difficult to assemble. So today I’m sharing a trick to help you create your own version of this stunning project!be free imageThe focal of this necklace is created by connecting two pieces of chain with segments of beaded wire. The most common problem when assembling a project like this is making sure you put the right wire in the right link of chain! To get the best results, secure your chains so they don’t move around while you work.

Pin your pieces of chain down to a bead board with T-pins or straight pins. I prefer T-pins because they’re thicker than straight pins and their head is easier to grab and push. Pinning your chains keeps the links oriented the same direction without twisting and makes it easier to see which links you’re working with.

Use T-pins to stabilize your chain

Count your chain links and place the pins in at regular intervals so you don’t have to recount each time you add a wire. Keep the bead board flat while you work – don’t be tempted to lift it and shift your project out of alignment!

You can use this trick on any project that involves lining up chains and adding simple wire loops at specific points, like our Arrow Dynamic and Right on Point Necklaces.

Happy Tuesday! – Gretchen




Support Our Holiday Charm Charity Drive!

11042015-WED-MOB-BANFor every TierraCast® lead-free pewter holiday charm that is purchased through December 14, Fusion Beads will donate $1 to Treehouse to benefit Seattle-area foster children! Treehouse serves more than 8,000 foster youth and their caregivers each year through integrated and transformative programming to help them succeed in school, fulfill key material needs, and participate in essential childhood experiences that all kids equally deserve! Fusion Beads needs your help so that we can give foster children a merrier holiday season!

Youth in foster care deserve the opportunity to reach their full potential!

Help us make a difference! Purchase a TierraCast® lead-free pewter holiday charm today!

Thank you for your support – Fusion Beads


November’s Color of the Month: Dried Herb!

As the season settles quite firmly into fall and early winter, so does our color palette and the softer hues in greens and grey dominate. Dried Herb is a rich, warm color perfect for this season.Dried Herb

“An olive green shade once thought of as strictly safari or military, PANTONE 17-0627 Dried Herb has been elevated into a color we now perceive as sophisticated and chic. Closely related to nature, Dried Herb is an organic shade redolent of nature’s earthy fragrances.” Leatrice Eiseman Executive Director, Pantone Color Institute™





Personally, I love this color; it’s found in all sorts of fashion from shoes to coats to jewelry. It works really well when paired with warmer hues like reds or pinks, or even with more neutral colors like beige or grey.
Here are some pieces we designed that incorporate Dried Herb:
Dried Herb Earrings
Dried Herb Earrings
Point It Out Bracelet

Antique Artemis Earrings
Midnight Mesa Bracelet

Wisteria Earrings

Tuscany Variation 3 Bracelet
Enchanted Evening Earrings

Sea Cucumber Bracelet

Find a huge variety of beads and components in the Dried Herb color idea to enhance all your jewelry designs!

What will you pair with Dried Herb this season?